Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nanotechnology Measurement Championships VIDEO

Boston University contestant wins Inter-University Nanotechnology Measurement Championships

CAMBRIDGE, MA and CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand - Dr. Meredith Mintzer a Postdoctoral Fellow at Boston University, was named the winner of the first Inter-University Nanotechnology Measurement Championships in Cambridge, Massachusetts last night. Contestants from Harvard University, MIT, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts raced each in the closely fought race to measure the particle concentration and size of a bimodal distribution of nanoparticles.

Around 120 attended the unique event hosted by nanotechnology instrument manufacturer Izon Science. Special guests included: Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center who presented the winner’s cup to Dr. Mintzer; Robert Coughlin, President and CEO of MassBio; and Ken Brown, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment.

Dr. Mintzer is from the laboratory of Prof. Mark Grinstaff, Boston University, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Mintzer uses Izon’s instruments in her research into drug delivery systems. The Grinstaff group pursues highly interdisciplinary research in the areas of biomedical engineering and macromolecular chemistry with the goal of elucidating the underlying fundamental chemistry and engineering principles of drug delivery systems.

Izon Science is the developer of the qNano and qViro nanotechnology instruments with unique size-tunable nanopores. The instruments offer significant improvements in accuracy and precision over previously available techniques and are helping to advance research in a number of fields including drug delivery, hematology, biomedical diagnostics, and vaccine development.

The Inter-University Nanoparticle Measurement Championships was held at an opening function for Izon Science’s new office and laboratory in Cambridge, MA which will serve as the company’s new US headquarters

The researchers - from Harvard University, MIT, Boston University & University of Massachusetts Lowell - who took part in the competition represent a broad range of research disciplines with particle characterization being the common theme.

VIDEO and TEXT CREDIT: nanoporenews

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About Izon Science:

Izon Science has developed the world’s first nanopore based measurement system available for general use. Izon’s instruments are used for precise measurement and analysis of individual particles across a wide range of scientific fields including bionanotechnology, nanomedicine, vaccinology, microbiology, biomedical research, environmental science, and particle based nanoscience. Izon originated in New Zealand and now sells its products in 23 countries. It has its European headquarters in Oxford, UK and US headquarters in Cambridge, MA Website:

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