Monday, April 02, 2007

Baseball bats and the future of nanotechnology

EASTON SPORTS WINS INNOVATIVE PRODUCT AWARD AT NANO 50 Easton’s Stealth Comp CNT Bat is Recognized for Its Usage of Advanced Technological Material

Easton Sports’ Stealth Comp CNT baseball bat -- VAN NUYS, Calif. – The Nano 50 Awards, which are voted on by a distinguished panel of judges from the science and technology industries, listed Easton Sports’ Stealth Comp CNT baseball bat as one of the top 50 products that will have a significant impact on the future of nanotechnology.
The Nano 50 Awards, which are presented by Nanotech Briefs at the NASA Tech Brief’s National Nano Engineering Conference, presented Easton Sports with the ‘Product Award’ under the ‘Materials’ category, according to Matt Arndt, Easton Sports’ senior vice president of baseball/softball.
“This award is a testament that the technology we apply to our products is real; it’s not just claims and jargon,” Arndt commented. “Carbon Nanotube Technology is a major advancement in baseball and softball bats and we’re so proud of our research and development team for all the days, months and years they put into developing it. It was a long and difficult process, but the results are off the charts. The performance and productivity of the Comp CNT bats are the best in the industry.”
Nanotechnology, or sometimes called molecular technology, is a broad field of applied science and technology focused on working with the structure of matter on a scale smaller than whatever seemed imaginable. Nanotechnology is breaking strides in product materials, medical and bio-technology, electronics, and in Easton Sports’ case – sports equipment.

The Stealth Comp CNT bats feature Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT) that is made exclusively possible by Zyvex NanoSolve® materials. Unlike the aluminum bat that had the same strength and stiffness in all directions of the carbon fibers, Easton’s R&D team reinforced the carbon fibers by strategically placing nanotubes in the gaps to create the widest ‘sweet spot’ ever. CNT replaces what traditionally was only resin in aluminum bats. CNT is sixteen times stronger than steel and one-billionth of a meter in size; CNT perhaps is the strongest fiber that will ever be made.

To receive more information or schedule an interview with an Easton Sports representative, contact (310) 578-7050 or e-mail

About Zyvex Corporation - Zyvex Corporation, based in Richardson, Texas, is the first molecular nanotechnology company. Zyvex's vision is to be the leading worldwide supplier of tools, products, and services that enable adaptable, affordable, and molecularly precise manufacturing. Zyvex commercializes nanotechnology to address real-world applications with high growth potential. Zyvex carries its scientific breakthroughs into key commercial applications in the area of materials, tools, and structures.

About Easton Sports - Easton Sports is a developer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of baseball, softball, hockey and cycling equipment for both sports professionals and enthusiasts. Easton Sports focuses on its ability to innovate and create products of unmatched quality and performance including the No. 1 bat in the College World Series®, Women's College World Series®, Little League World Series®, and Slow-Pitch Softball, as well as the No. 1 stick and glove in the National Hockey League.

Headquartered in Van Nuys, Calif., Easton Sports employs more than 1,200 people worldwide and maintains facilities in Utah, California, Mexico, Canada and Asia. For further information, please visit the company online at . (December 28, 2006) # # #

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