Thursday, March 01, 2007

Health, Safety, Environment Nanotech Revolution PODCAST

The Implications for Health, Safety and the Environment of the Nanotech Revolution, PODCAST running time is 33:34

This podcast examines the issues associated with the nanotechnology revolution, specifically the effects on health, safety and the environment. It features interviews with a number of key stakeholders including:

Georgia Miller, Friends of the Earth spokesperson on nanotechnology, on the risks and concerns for the consumer;

Steve Mullins, Health and Safety Officer for the ACTU and participant in the Standards Australia taskforce on nanotechnology, speaking about the importance of worker health considerations;

Angus Robinson, National Business Development Manager, CGU (IAG) on the risk management issues associated with nanotechnology;

Dr Rob Sparrow, lecturer and ethicist with the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University addressing issues of access and public involvement in decision-making;

Assoc Prof Paul Wright, toxicologist at RMIT University and coordinator of NanoSafe Australia, providing details on issues associated with the understanding of nano-toxicity.

Contact: Dr. Ian Birkby 61-029-999-0070 AZoNetwork

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